3dfoodlab.eu offer you new and innovative way, how to make your events, birthday's and business meetings more exciting


3DFoodlab is first and only company in Northern Europe who offer 3D printed food and develop food printing technology.

We offer you unique and innovative service – Foods, snacks and desserts will be 3D printed in front of your eyes and you can use customized design for every food. Also, we can 3D print custom designed PANCAKES at your events.

We offer you “Future Kitchen” today!



Variant № 1 LIGHT MENU

Quantity of 3D print food dishes : UNLIMITED *


Variant  № 1 LIGHT MENU

150 €

iga lisatund 100 €


Võimalus nr. 2 COMBO

Piiramatu arv 3D printimine 3D printimine pannkoogid + Unlimited magus ja / võisoolatud kate.

Kestus: vähemalt 1,5 tundi

3D toiduprintereid: 3tk (2 printer “Foodlab”) ja üks pannkoogid print.

250 €

iga lisatund 100 €


3D Sweets

Technology of 3d printing -we create  personal candies.

Individual candy (caramel) for your event -any  form , any picture \ text \ logo or  your favorite hero.

Unique 3d candy-portrait from the photo. Amazing birthday present, wedding gift, sweet souvenir for a celebration or corporate event -3d candy.

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3D Pancakes

With our 3D pancake printers, we can print for you custom designed pancakes.


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